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iNCREASE CASH FLOW FOR QUALITY PATIENT CARE by outsourcing medical billing

At JBF Medical Billing, LLC, our business is helping your medical practice succeed.  We are a billing practice servicing Gastroenterologists to work as the back-end billing office for the full medical practice. Our mission is to help your medical practice bill insurances and patients for timely payment and increase collections. We’re not your average medical billing company. Our initial goal when working with your medical practice is No Dollar Left Behind.  Whether you need help with submitting insurance claims, claims follow-up, or need full practice management back-end billing support, we’ve got you covered to make your medical practice successful.

JBF Medical Billing, LLC leverages cloud-based Practice Management Software and Electronic Health Records as the main platform for how the patient, medical staff, and medical practice’s partners are going to interact with respect to HIPAA compliance.  We focus our expertise on Gastroenterology payment reimbursement and rely on unique billing strategies for your medical practice that delivers excellent results.

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